(Tooth Straightening)

At Honley Dental we practice modern, minimally invasive dentistry. Moving teeth can be a great way of improving the appearance of your teeth without causing damage to them. Historically, straightening teeth was thought to be only for children, done using metal braces and taking several years to complete treatment. Now we are able to straighten teeth whatever age you are and we can do this using a combination of fixed and removable aesthetic systems.

At Honley Dental we think it is important that the patient is given all of the options – we offer a wide range in orthodontic services, however if we feel you would be better suited to go somewhere else e.g. to see an orthodontist (specialist in moving teeth) we will advise you of this and happily refer you.

What systems are available at Honley Dental?

  • Clear aligners
  • Fixed ceramic braces (QuickStraightTeeth)
  • Inman aligner
  • Invisalign

Advantages of straightening your teeth:

  • Minimal damage to the tooth
  • More attractive smile
  • Easier to keep teeth clean
  • Easier to eat foods

What do our patients say?

‘Before attending Honley Dental for my consultation with David Bretton I had had two consultations elsewhere. I chose to have treatment with David because he offered me every available treatment option, and in my best interests (even if this meant going elsewhere). I chose the Inman aligner to straighten my teeth and then whitened them after. David completed the service with a fixed retainer. In under 6 months I had my dream smile. My friends and family are now having treatment too. Wish I’d had this done years ago.’


Toni White

Becoming a Patient

At Honley Dental we are keen to see our patient’s regularly to encourage prevention and to detect any problems early. Regular dental examinations are essential for ensuring dental and oral health.

For this reason we are delighted to offer the Honley Dental Care Plans, our own membership scheme. This plan enables us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to prevent and manage disease, keeping your mouth healthy and keeping you smiling.

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